CoParenting Teenagers with Cell Phones

Ex-Etiquette: Teenagers and Discipline

Dear Dr. Jann– In an effort to effectively co-parent with my ex I am looking…

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Sole Custody Joint Custody Legal Custody

What Does Joint Custody REALLY Mean?

Dear Dr. Jann– I don’t get along with my children’s father and I cringe at…

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Long Distance Parenting Plan

Creating a Long Distance Parenting Plan

Dear Dr. Jann– My child’s father and I share equal custody of our daughter, Marni,…

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Late Child Exchange

Help! My coParent is Always Late!

Dear Dr. Jann– Help! My children’s mother is always late to exchange the kids-especially on…

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Co-Parenting and Social Media

Social Media and coParenting: The Do’s and Don’ts

Dear Dr. Jann– My daughter’s father and I broke up about six months ago and we…

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man woman with judge

My coParent Isn’t Obeying Our Court Order. What Do I Do? | coParenter

Dear. Dr. Jann, For years my husband and I have struggled to coParent with his…

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