Adult Relationships Following the High Conflict Childhood

By the time a child grows into an adult, he or she should have experienced…

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man and woman with iPad

coParents and Lawyers – Truth Shall Set You Free

The biggest mistake that coParents make with lawyers is trying to find the “most aggressive”…

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man with kids outside

The Importance of coParenting With Resilience

Children are born kicking and screaming, with all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions and extreme behaviors. Then,…

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man playing with boy

How coParents Can Be Great Role Models

Here is a simple guide for coParents; their family and friends; and professionals, on how…

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woman and child laughing

Be the Reasonable coParent

When we are dealing with a difficult coParent, we need to be role models of…

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man and woman back to back

How to Respond to a Badmouthing coParent

When one coParent badmouths the other to their child, one may overreact with extreme behavior….

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