Raising a child is one of the most important, gratifying, yet challenging jobs we will ever have.

When both parents and children are able to get their own needs met and are able to find tools, resources, and community to support them, it can pave the pathway to more harmonious moments in the home. Yet, it’s not always easy getting there! And when parents don’t have the tools and support needed, this can create disconnection for the entire household.

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As parents, we do our best with the knowledge we have; but what if what we don’t know is really the issue at hand? People say, “ignorance is bliss.” But what if our ignorance in wanting to learn another philosophy to parenting is getting in the way of our children thriving, including the relationship with our children? And if there is another way, what are the tools we can use to create a mutually respectful way to communicate with one another?

In Tangee Veloso’s book, “Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles for Raising Connected and Confident Children”, she shares tools along with resources that can help to get you started. And even though the title of her book is called Taming Your Wild Child, Tangee presents the brilliant concept that it’s the wild child in YOU that you need to tame.

By using the 7 Proven Principles, which allow you to become more compassionate toward your children and help create connection and a loving PARTNERSHIP with them…rather than a relationship of power over… they will also reflect the same confidence and compassion towards themselves and others.

Most parents feel that it’s the behavior that needs to be addressed, but really it’s not a child’s behavior that is the root cause of their actions, it’s the disconnection and unmet needs that are the catalyst. So this book won’t be giving you tips on how to make your child “behave” (there’s enough of that going around). It is really about the wild child within you (the recycled parenting patterns and negative self-talk) that you will be learning how to tame, along with cultivating the 7 Proven Principles that can create a more loving partnership with your children – especially in the midst of the oh-so challenging moments! 

When you are able to do the little things that create connection with your child consistently and are able to hone in on the 7 Proven Principles, you will be able to feel more confident in your parenting techniques and become more compassionate towards your children (as well as yourself–especially when you fall back into old parenting habits). Suddenly you will begin to notice that your children will also reflect the same confidence and compassion towards themselves and others, and that will organically transform who they are being in the world. 

In this book, you will discover:

  • What it means to be a conscious parent in your own home
  • How to become of aware of your choices
  • 7 principles that can build a deeper connection with your child
  • How to set loving boundaries without losing your cool
  • Techniques that honor self-care and self-love
  • Being more present with your parenting choices
  • Why it’s important to find your own village to cultivate connection amongst other parents and caregivers on this same parenting journey

The lenses through which we see our children affect our ability to integrate the tools in a meaningful way. Once you’re able to weave the principles into your life as a daily practice AND tap into your own well of intuition, transformation takes place!


About Tangee Veloso

Tangee Veloso, Founder and Executive Director of Family Love Village (FLV), is an eco-mamapreneur, coParenting life coach, and author.

Her commitment to bringing community together with the focus and awareness around conscious and sustainable living and compassionate parenting through connection has become an ever-evolving passion. She is also the co-founder of another wonderful conscious community, A Thread of Connection, that supports families with developing deeper relationships with our loved ones based on mutual respect and authentic communication.

Tangee authored her first book, "Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles for Raising Connected and Confident Children" and has written many articles on finding ways to connect with our loved ones, our children, our planet, and just as importantly our connection to ourselves.

She is also an experienced fire performer, spoken word artist, a loving mama to her 7-year-old son and a devoted ambassador of the concept with "being the change we wish to see in the world."