When our children become anxious or scared, here are some tips on what to say and how to handle their fears:

  1. “I am here for you.” This creates a sense of containment, where a child knows your are there and have time for them.
  2. “Tell me about it.” When you create a listening environment, children feel heard and valued.
  3. “How big is your worry?” Children relate to having big feelings and like the concept of big.
  4. “Can you draw it?” Sometimes children will easily take to a crayon, marker and paper better than speaking.
  5. “Do you have any questions?” A great concept for children is questioning and you want to instill that their questions are important.
  6. “Let’s breathe.” Teach children the concept of breathing deeply, hold it in, and slowly let it out. This is a skill that is valuable and life long.

About Debbie Ficarra

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Debbie Ficarra has been the proud owner of La Canada preschool, located outside of Loa Angeles, for 13 years. Prior to becoming a mother to three daughters, Ficarra gained her childhood education, acquiring her AA in Child Development and BA and Masters in Human Development. She also took the required coursework for a degree in Marriage and Family. Ficarra then purchased La Cañada Preschool, which was a dream come true. As a divorcee, and now newly married, Ficarra also knows about working through a divorce with young children. Her main goal in life – family and at work – is to provide the best environment for her preschool students that range between the ages of two and five.